Legacy Growth Option

Identify Talented Entrepreneurs and Acquire Exceptional Businesses

Flexible Timelines & Terms

Whether the time is now to sell or you need a few years to put things in order, our approach can accommodate your needs.

Industry Leading Purchase Price

In exchange for a higher purchase price, we want you to actively participate in our structure before, during and after acquiring your business.

Like Who You Sell To

We're owners and operators just like you. We are looking to establish long term relationships that produce financial gains for all.

Craft Equity Approach

Craft Equity represents a radical departure from private equity and traditional business acquisition.

We focus exclusively on acquiring or investing in well-managed, small, and profitable private companies. Craft Equity is the ideal partner for owners seeking liquidity or looking to transition out of their business.

We have long-term capital and are not looking to “flip” companies. We view this acquisition not as a job, but as a career.

The Craft Equity Advantage

Craft Equity’s team is comprised of small business owners and entrepreneurs. We believe in not only buying, but also growing businesses the right way. Craft Equity derives value from this growth and not through cost cutting measures like downsizing.

We greatly respect what you have been able to achieve and know your success is in part due to the team you have built. We aim to protect this team and build upon your legacy at the firm.

With experience owning and operating small businesses, we also know all businesses have their issues. We are not hunting for reasons to call off an acquisition; instead Craft Equity is looking for ways to complete a transaction.

We recognize you are likely not an M&A expert and will take the time to walk you through the acquisition process.

We also know you may want to start a conversation well before considering an exit. We enjoy talking to owners at any stage of the process. We would enjoy setting up an initial, non-binding conversation with you and to get to know you and your business better.

"The people are the business and most buyers discount the importance of the current small business owner. We want your direction and experience to take your business to the next level."

- John Holsapple. Founder, Craft Equity